Saturday, 30 November 2013

Creating a Successful Local SEO Strategy in 6 Steps

Before planning a local Singapore SEO strategy, you should have a better understanding of all the different instrumental components which are capable of delivering high local rankings in the search engines. If you do it correctly, local SEO will deliver you potential consumers to your website.

As search inquiries on mobile devices such as Smartphone continue to increase daily, local SEO has a crucial role to play in order to make a presence on mobile devices. Therefore if you want consumers to find your website on both mobile devices and personal computers you should execute a proper local SEO plan.

Below are some of the things you can do to get good local SEO results:

1) Proper Keyword Research: Keywords are the most important part of SEO; if you select the suitable ones, you’ll get the best results. You better focus on the keywords that are capable of conversion (an online purchase, physical location visit, or a phone call to the business) instead of searching for the keywords that deliver you higher search volume

2) Onsite Optimization: In order to make a difference to your business in a positive manner, having keywords is not sufficient, so once the keywords are identified, you should make sure that the website is properly optimized for the chosen search terms. Also you should address the visitor in such a way that they will keep in contact with your website. You need to adjust the title tag, header tags, Meta description and images for the targeted keywords as they match properly. The website content needs to be written for the visitor instead of stuffing the website with the main keywords. And you should not forget to include a contact page on the website that contains the business address and contact details.

3) Optimized Places Pages: Many companies create their business profile pages on Google+ Business and Bing Places for Business since their listings appear at the very top of the Google and Bing search results, displaying the business location on the accompanying map. But majority of these companies fail to fully complete the profiles. Therefore make sure that you have entered all the correct details of your business and contact details exactly as they appear on the websites contact page. Also if you add some pictures and videos related to your business.

4) Reviews: Positive customer reviews on your website along with sites such as Singapore Business Reviews ( play a major role in local SEO. Your website should be creative enough to encourage customers to leave feedback. Also it is necessary to make customers aware of other review sites. You’ll be able to do this easily by sending a weekly newsletter through email to your customers including access to all of the review by providing links at the bottom of the newsletter. Building an email list allows you to keep your customers updated about latest products, services and promotions as well.

5) Directory Listings: It is important to get your business listed on the more popular directory sites such as and When it comes to directory listings quality wins over quantity, therefore instead of using some of the directory-listing services that claim to submit to hundreds of websites you better focus on the top directory sites which provide you real SEO benefits.

Search Engines determine the authority of local listing based on your company details, so you should put an extra effort to make sure that citations including your business, address, and phone number (NAP) are listed the same on the contact page of the website, the places pages, and all of the directory listings.

6) High-Quality Links: Link building also plays a major role in local SEO. As the quality comes to the action before the quantity again, you better focus on getting high-quality links rather than purchasing link packages that just blast links throughout the web. As user-engaging content and info graphics results in social sharing, incorporating them into the local SEO plan will enable you to build natural links. Since search engines are interested in this type of natural link-building, you’ll be rewarded accordingly.

It’ll take some time to see imrpoved SEO results because it requires hard work, a well thought out plan, consistent follow through and execution as well. Visit BlueBell People for a free SEO consultation: 

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